Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Let's do one thing

Ok glass, you can rest now.
The bitter winter days of long ago last week took a toll on good ol' Google Glass, and the device's display is not quite in working order anymore. I'll still take some photos here and there, but the device is pretty much done. 
OK, Glass, you had a good run. 

Experiment: Do one very small and simple thing. Do so once a week for the year.
It could be taking a a photo. Or writing one sentence or paragraph. Or sending an actual letter or sharing a song. Maybe saying hello to a random person or run a mile or even drive somewhere you've never been.

For my part, I'll save one sentence and one picture. And I'll also retroactively do that for 2015, from the master archives of Yesterday's Internet, Today! and see what I'll come up with. In a sense, this very newsletter is a form of that exercise.

Apparently, The New Republic was, at the end, a disposable toy.
The robots are here and  they're learning. So don't kill me when you take over, pretty please, Mr. Roboto.

"That Dragon, Cancer is the best of games. It reveals to us what it means to be a fellow human being finding the strength to survive terrible circumstances"

Tiny kitten finds a fluffy shoe and decides he will make it his bed. So sweet this may give you cavities <3
Posted by TheGoldCat.com on Friday, December 19, 2014
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