Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Yesterday's Internet Awakens

Where is my mind? It's been on ~your lights~ and some nascent projects and a war of stars I have yet to see, as of late. But I haven't forgotten the internets of yesterday, today, as we come around the very unlikely anniversary of this very feature and/or blog section and/or newsletter, depending on where and how you get it.

And as we approach the end of the year, looking back at what we've done and looking ahead at things to come, we pause to reflect while we circle back to our rituals filled with food, merriment and terrible year-end news listicles.
And stepping back, you can see how everything is connected.
Like string lights tied to trees.
It's a bright sight, if you let it shine.


Or you could play this game. 

Here, send a very weird personalized card to your New York friends, with emoji, because New York Times.
Here are all the actual roads that lead to Rome.

As you might have noticed, we've been playing around with 360 photos, videos and virtual reality, so you can experience what it's like to be outside, apparently.  Or maybe, to bring you a perspective you might not get otherwise. We're starting to formulate some pretty neat ideas that incorporate journalistic uses for the tool.


One video: Darth Trump.

The Four:

(Astute surveyors of Yesterday's Internet, Today! might have noticed that's a gif from a year ago. Full circle.)

* Turns out, the People's Republic of Rosendale is filled with liberals. Who knew!

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