Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Not all ~content~

Have an idea and tell someone about it;

savor the look you'll get; 

and then do it, anyway.

Not a particular novel idea, but one worth trying anyway.

Case in point: I've been wanting to do this for over a month:

And I'm doing it.

Your turn.


Tech's lack of privacy is scary and it's time to get serious about this.
And change your password. And don't use your Instagram filter kid's name. 
Sure news can be scary, but also scary is what news itself can become sometimes. 
And then there's this:

BUT! Not all ~content~ is created equal and whoever did this deserves a raise and/or has too much time on his or her hands.
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After all, if you are going to do 'Star Wars,' do it properly.

Your headlines are bad and you should feel bad.
Say it ain't so.

The Four: 
* Only an Albany politician would say that should get more money to not be corrupt.
* Lack of Sports Authority.
* Have you seen any remarkable holiday lights around town? I'm making THE MAP again.
* Hunter Mountain sold. 
One cat view: 
I've been sitting on this since early September since Alex Not from Target brought it up and I don't even remember if I have previously mentioned it. But since I'm making maps and 3-D 360 images, it's only proper to bring it up, even if it's a repeat, because cat street view is the best view. 

Yesterday's Internet, Today!  also hides cats in maps.