Thursday, October 22, 2015

The sun also sets

The future was here the other day, and there were many a hot take about what we've accomplished and what we didn't and all that fun stuff. It was a neat collective exercise, like a societal self-evaluation.
What grade would you give to society today?

But at the end, the brands won,  It was brands all along.
Since we're into brands:

Who needs articles? Not papers!  But why?  Because Instant Articles were Paper all along.

Today in Benghazi:

One video: #brands.

The Four:
* The Ulster County Executive debate took place today and there was a lot of comments about rail and trails because of course. If this is our biggest, most controversial issue, we live in the happiest place on Earth.
* Water.
* Water.

One cat:
Pirate cat tweeted by serious political news brand by mistake is the best cat.

Haaaa!!! When your Halloween costume is on point...
Posted by Tyrese Gibson on Friday, October 16, 2015
Yesterday's Internet, Today! is a pirate cat from the future.