Thursday, October 15, 2015

The future is here and I want my money back

At least we have cool murals in the future that is today.
Has the Internet become what you thought it should? I know, so much potential swallowed by fleeing outrage and disposable takes, covered by autoplaying ads and crawlers on your computer and your phones. On the Internet, everyone already knew you were a dog, after all.

The future, today
What's worse than watching Democrats debate? How about watching them in virtual reality in an overheating headset?  This is not a game, people. OR IS IT?
What's worse than writing a novel in realtime while everyone's watching? How about having everyone comment on it at the same time?
 What's worse than Internet articles? What about Internet articles disappearing forever?
What's worse than disappearing Internet articles? Internet articles about disappearing American jobs like newspaper reporters.

Better find a new planet. No, seriously. Let's do it.
One (360!) video: Spin room

The Four:
* Goat!
* Mustang Bowl.
* ASK.
Jalani Crooks paints memorial mural on Furnace St in Kingsotn for 4 local victims of fatal car crash in August.

One cat:

Yesterday's Internet, Today! goes back to the future, but on Oct. 21.