Sunday, October 4, 2015


The O+ Festival in Kingston is just around the corner and the signs are literally everywhere. Keep an eye on six locations as the festival approaches. It takes place in Kingston Oct. 9 to 11, but you can get your blood going with the murals that you'll see cropping around the city.


The murals are curated by Baltimore-based muralist Gaia, and I'm pretty sure you've noticed his Artemis in Uptown from two years ago at the back of BSP, where the Woodstock Film Festival Maverick Awards ceremony took place Saturday. Don't say nothing happens in Kingston.

The locations are the Seven21 Media Center on Broadway, Barcone's Music, also on Broadway (by the underpass) in Midtown and Keegan Ales on St. James Street.
Also be on the lookout for a story about Keegans' bees soon. I'm just writing that so I can post this:

The other locations are Milne's Fabrication Factory across from the Kingston Library and 35 North Front St..
The main mural, by Gaia, will be of Sojourner Truth and John Vanderlyn at The Stuyvesant on the corner of John and Fair in Uptown. I'm pretty sure people will have all the feels about this.

Of course, there will be a parade and tons of music everywhere, and we'll keep you appraised.

Check out for more information about this year's event.