Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hey man, slow down

*Start here.*

It seems that there is always too much to do and read and watch and write and click and get outraged about and debunk and upload and text and email and Instagram and Tweet and misspell and lose and forget and what am I talking about.
And it doesn't matter. The leaves will come down at their own speed.

Edward Snowden is on Twitter so now you, too, can follow him. He follows one account, the NSA, but all we really care about on Twitter is having more than 140 characters about whether or not Twitter is ditching its 140 character limit.
What's the best way to compliment little girls?
* "The Daily Show" is back. 
Losing weight is easy.

One video: Bad Lip Reading never gets old, even some old-ish ones.

The Four:

One cat: Can't roar. Doesn't matter.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! can't roar, either, but it does slow down.