Thursday, June 11, 2015

There is something here

There is a bird in this picture. Can you see it?

There is a bird in the console log of this Bloomberg piece by Paul Ford. The piece is 38,000 words, but there's enough interactive stuff (and words!) to keep you entertained. No, I have not finished it. Not even close. At least scroll through and get to the bottom. It's fun.

There is only one Jim Romenesko.
There is a future. And it looks like this:

There is more than one obvious problem with terrible fake news stories.

There is a collection of weird stuff from North Korea.

The Four: 
* There is a Republican candidate for mayor of Kingston.
* There is Melissa Etheridge playing at the Bardavon on Sunday.
* There is an exhibition about two influential Woodstock women.
* There is a nightmare on Washington Avenue.
There is one cat wearing sunglasses: Deal with it.

There is a Yesterday's Internet, Today! version in newsletter form.  Subscribers got the answer to the first question.