Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Terrible words

"Super Horse" at the Saratogian.
I was in Saratoga on Tuesday to share with some colleagues some ~insights~ and ~strategies~ for newsrooms when it comes to social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter.
I said "cats" a lot, as I'm wont to do. I also made terrible faces and said terrible things like "brands" and "millennials," which I should have replaced with "cats," obviously, because those words are terrible.
It was great.
Terrible words:
"Hipster" is awful. But "Yuccies" takes the cake as most unnecessarily arrogant and self-important term, in an ironic way, of course. It's also not going to happen, hipsters. 
The hipster is alive, and multiplying, but the man who wrote "the most anatomically evocative headline in the history of American journalism" died. That headline, though, will outlive all of us.
You too, hipster.
The Four:
One cat who probably deserves better:

Yesterday's Internet, Today! doesn't put clothes on cats, hipsters!