Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Take a step forward

Trying to simplify and make sense of complicated things is one way we deal with our issues, and to be able to see the path ahead. The risk is when we simplify things too much, or when we make things more complicated than they need to be, like starting a sentence with a gerund.
When I find myself in such situations, one thing I do is to just look around and take a step forward, and let the sentences, links and terrible metaphors fall where they may.

Let's see what happened, then:
"Tired of having to put the food in your own mouth?"
This Sunday New York Times Magazine story about professional Russian propaganda troll farms is amazing(ly terrifying). And make sure you get to the crazy end. It's long, but worth it. Or you can save it for Sunday, when it goes to print.
PSA: In the future, all your photos will be stock photos. The future is now, btw.

The Four:
* Town of Esopus politicians are upset about a planned alcohol dependency rehabilitation facility in town.
* However, town of Esopus politicians want a vodka plant. Priorities, people. Priorities.
* Let's have some barbecue by the side of the road.
* Challenge.

One cat: 

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is not a professional Russian troll.