Monday, June 15, 2015


Camp Seewackamano in Shokan. I'm on a boat.
Is it summer yet? We can all use a break and read some things while enjoying the weather. I've recently started reading fiction again, after years —to many to count—of sticking exclusively to nonfiction, and I'm not talking about books, but news and online articles, also too many to count.

Some things I've read:
"The sun has not exploded"
News industry doom and gloom, part 2,292.
Real issues with virtual reality. 


The Four: 
“WiFi only available to VIP members who can only use the password once and no one else can have it."
*  Three dimensions at Rondout Valley.
* This train.
* The Taste of Country festival at Hunter Mountain sure looked like fun. 

One cat: Reading headlines.

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Yesterday's Internet, Today! could use a break.