Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nothing lasts

RIP Phone, you terrible beast.
I dropped my phone yesterday as I was leaving work and the screen shattered. It kind of works, in that I can hear if I get a text or email, but I can't answer or use it.
I thought that would add to my FOMO, but it really didn't, but not for the reasons you think.
After all, this is not a story about how not being connected changed my perspective about life.
You see, I wasn't completely disconnected — I took that photo with Google Glass— and the real realization was that it would take more than losing one device for me to really have an epiphany and have my 'om' moment under a tree.

Or maybe I wasn't worried because I had an excuse to not answer emails at home.
Facebook Instant Articles are here and welcome to the future and/or the end of news but I can't read any of those instant articles on Facebook because my phone broke lol.
You can, however, read them with your ~computer~ using your ~browser~ if you know what those are.

The articles are about superbees, an execution, whatever this terrible Buzzfeed article is buzzfeeding about, almonds and a former gymnast.

There are hot takes about the Instant articles all over the place. No, not about the articles themselves, but about publishers publishing directly on Facebook. But I'll be nice and I'll spare you.
It's an experiment and it's early, so we'll see.
Just remember:

I don't worry much about the type of platforms, though. They come and go. AOL, to be bought by Verizon, had a similar deal back then, if you remember, and that went the way of the dial-up sound, though apparently there are 2 million people still paying for dial-up Internet?

But the point is that newspapers, social networks and tech will come and go or drop on the floor and shatter, and you'll read about that in other platforms, because news will stay.

Instant link:
Animated gifs have grown up and graduated from journalism school. Now go get a job, gif, and write me a hot take about Facebook. MUAHAHAHAHA!

The Four:
* People are passing around these old photos of New Paltz and I don't know why.
* Carnival of dreams.
Here's a recipe for Matchbox Cafe's bacon cheeseburger with fries.
* Clearwater.

One cat: Online.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! uses gifs irresponsibly.