Monday, May 11, 2015

For Florida Man's sake

The corner of Wall and North Front Street can't decide if it wants stop signs or traffic lights. It's a common occurrence, almost as common as plans to change the direction of Uptown traffic or storefront owners complaining about the canopies even though everyone else loves them.
We are never satisfied with what we have. And that's OK! But let's make sure we strive to improve and not just change for the sake of changing, and that we appreciate what we have.

I really appreciate the New York Times profile of Florida Man. Florida Man is why writers write, though he might start getting some local competition. 

Your terrible nails will finally face justice.

Buried in this terrible news is that there is a thing called SKYNET.

"In conclusion, haha, ashkjghasgauosghasugas;gashgk, who knows."

The Four:
* I made you a quiz!
* Are you a Catskill Mountain Railroad Commenter? Right this way.
* Thankless Job Election.
* Coffee with a Cop.
One Florida cat. Obviously, you should not click that.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! regrets googling 'Florida Cat.'

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