Friday, April 17, 2015

When age is relative

The Kinderland playground in Kingston in 2013. It is no longer there. But it's coming back.
When you look at a place that's no longer there, what do you think? Do you remember what was there? Do you get nostalgic or happy about what's there now?
The places very much influence the answers to those questions.
But so do our age and maturity.


Online, however, everybody is 12.
Everyone freaked out when the new "Star Wars" trailer came out yesterday, yours included.

But everything that's old...
Local newspapers are old. but I could have told you that in gif form. 
Back in the day, Uptown Kingston used to have food festivals. Just sayin'
Thunderdome closed a year ago, but most Thundercats are doing pretty good nowadays.

The Four:
* What's your real Hudson Valley age? I'm 12, of course. And you're an old.
* Recomendations, schrecommendations.
* Tests, schmests.
* Kingston High School is an old.
One cat: An old?

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is four months old.