Friday, April 3, 2015

Trolling the news

North Front and Crown streets in Kingston at Peace Park. If you look at it in Google Maps, the murals are not there. 
It's Friday and it's nice out. Let's make this snappy.

Remember a long time ago yesterday when I was snarking about the future of the future of news? Turns out I was wrong, not because 'the future of x' is a tired meme, but because I should have said futch.

The Trolling New York Times Styles Section For Men Good Jorb.

Sometimes I wonder who writes these articles.

Journalism: Saved.

The Four:
* There are 168 applications for the 55 affordable Kingston artists' housing units and that means that there are a lot of local artists that need housing?
* I made you a chart for the school aid story,  which means I know how to copy-paste numbers into a spreadsheet and post that to, one of those easy-to-use tools that more journalists could be using instead of rickrolling people on Twitter.
* Sail season is getting closer. 
* Area people find jobs, in the government, and just two people, but hey.

One cat: Riding toward the futch of news.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is the future of futch.