Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The ghost in the journalism machine

The sign by the old Freeman building, now Mariner's Harbor in the Rondout.
Parts of the old press at the Freeman, long unused and inaccessible, were finally taken apart today.
No more stopping that guy.
But there's no stopping journalism, either.  Technologies change, but the task continues. And the soul of journalism is not encased in one machine or process. It's too big for that.

Old journalism, new journalism:

AP was there, burying the lede.
USA Today is very cleverly using Periscope and Snapchat. The Freeman? You'll have to find the accounts to find out! (Hint: Try 'dailyfreeman'.)
Bad Vox! Go to your room.

The Four:
* Nobody wants to take exams.
* Look at this Shindig.
* If you build it, will they boat?
* The city of Kingston is coming like a wreaking ball?

One cat: Like a wreaking ball.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is terrible at conceits sometimes. But I try!