Wednesday, April 15, 2015

No need to ask why

Route 9W near the Hudson Valley Mall last year.
Every now and then, at around dusk, the Hudson Valley and Catskills sky has the most magically bright orange and pink and and sometimes blue and purple hue. People sometimes get out of their cars and just look up and take photos with their phones (or Google Glass, in my case) but those phtoos don't remotely do the sky justice. They never can.

The sky doesn't care, though, and it just makes everything look amazing (and hard to drive if you're facing the sun), no matter who or where you are or even if you feel that you've kind of written this before.
It doesn't need a reason. Sometimes there doesn't need to be one.

A dude landed a gyrocopter on the Capitol so of course now the hot takes will be delivered by gyrocopter directly to your lawn because why not.  It all looks like old news to me, though. 

Today was #dfmchat day and we talked about aggregation, kind of what these posts are but not really. I just kind of throw random links likes there's no reason:


The Four:
* Is the Kingston Mayor Still Angry Dot Com? Yes.
* You can go here, though. It's beautiful. You might even get an orange sky.

One cat: 

Yesterday's Internet, Today!   today has more links from today than yesterday why?