Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Roll with it

Route 209 in July 2013.
When you are in a car or a bike or even just walking, do you ever stop to enjoy the view?
You should try it every now and then. Maybe take a photo and think something nice.
And next time you pass that spot, that nice thought will come back.
Roll with it.

Today I biked to work and I didn't stop to enjoy the scenery, but I did discover that I'm totally out of shape.

At least I got a gif out of it.


The Daily Breeze, one of our sister pubs, won a Pulitzer Prize, and one of the reporters that won is working in PR because he couldn't make rent. True story. And congratulations!

Here's another Pulitzer winner from Monday who's not working in journalism anymore.

And here's award-winning reporter Jack Shafer crapping all over journalism awards, because what is journalism without an old white man screaming?

Tangent: "Lili Pulitzer is not fashion. It is clothes."

In conclusion:


The Four:
* Runners do appreciate the area's scenery.
* 'An artist of food.'
* The People's Place is looking for a larger place, people!
* If you think a farm stand can't get in trouble a lot, think again.


One cat: Give this kitty an award.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is not mad. It's nice!