Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Emotional landscapes

The Kingston Lighthouse on the Hudson River, as seen from Rotary Park in June 2013.
I'm aching to go out for a walk and every time I look for a Google Glass photo to start these posts I get impatient because it's not quite warm enough yet.
Let's go out for a web walk, instead.

The Snowden statue is now a hologram.
The Food Babe got served by the Science Babe and I had no idea about either one of them until today.
The protesting bees interrupted one of those classic and terrible presidential photo ops and the obvious lesson here is that everyone gets a bee?

I don't know if I told you about this Choose Your Own Adventure Twitter game so there.
Today in We're All 12 Years Old. 

Perhaps we shouldn't have gone out for a web walk. 

The Four:

* This story is full of it.
* This story is full of ice cream. 
* This story is full of New Paltz.
* This story is full of holes.

One cat: Full.

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