Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We have no empathy

Kingston tillman Mark Carpino drives down Broadway in Kingston while wearing Google Glass last year. 

About a year ago, we gave the Freeman's Google Glass device (the one I goofily wear often) to a Kingston firefighter, to wear while at work for a day. The idea was to see what he saw. We had previously done that with a police officer and thought it was an interesting approach to story. It's often a good idea to try to see things from other people's perspective. Empathy, I've heard it's called.

I have no empathy for this a Correction of the Century this week because now I have Limp Bizkit stuck in my head and that's a terrible thing to have to go through again.  It's just one of those days when you don't want to wake up.

Here's a 'Citizen Kane' spoiler as a definition of a spoiler text alert:
"like some guy throwing your window open and shouting, “Rosebud is his sled!” even if it’s justifiable as news."
If you haven't seen 'Citizen Kane,' it's a movie that makes for great gifs. Also, Rosebud is his sled.

 The White House has no empathy for Sunshine Week. 

The Four: 

* I have no empathy for lawmakers who refuse to ban suspicious-less warrant checks at county buildings, because Fourth Amendment.
* Here's a fight over a tiny, tiny road.
Monkeys "are pretty cool from afar. ... Close up, they are thieves.”
Bye, bye, Polystyrene.

One cat: Citizen Grumpy

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