Monday, March 23, 2015

This will end in tears

The Hudson River as seen from Falling Waters Preserve in Saugerties. 
There was a winter festival held at Kingston High School over the weekend. There were plenty of happy kids and probably more than one parent getting a pulsing headache from the loud music.
By the time we left, there were faces painted, too much candy and a petrified goldfish in a bag, the latter surely the product of machiavellian machinations from kids aiming to cunningly troll adults.

The fish is still alive, obliviously swimming in a new and decent-size covered home. But trouble is lurking, an undeniable fact accentuated by one orange cat, which hasn't discovered the fish, yet.

In the meantime, everything is as calm and peaceful as a walk along the Hudson, where lurking woes seem to dissipate and wash away in the distance.

Other things lurking:
Broken internets.
Bogus job descriptions.
140 things about Twitter I didn't completely care to finish reading.
Pocahontas' tribe wants to be recognized.
Internet Explorer is dead.  No tears for that.

The Four:

<)   )╯Catskill
 /    \

 \(   (> Mountain
  /    \

<)   )╯Railroad
 /    \

* Common Core words for the day: Hyperbolic hyperventilation.
* It's a Small World. And it needs to be replaced.
* Is it spring yet? Please? I'm crying over here.

One cat:

Yesterday's Internet, Today!  didn't end in tears, actually, but I'll cry if you don't subscribe?