Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Links from the lonely corner of bitter cold and weirdness

One Google Glass photo:
There has been a person standing on the corner of Cedar Street and Broadway, across from Deising's in Midtown Kingston for about a month now.
I've seen different people on that corner, of what could be anywhere in America, during bitter cold days and during the last two snowstorms. They are getting paid to be there, sometimes dressed up as Lady Liberty, without a hint of irony, waving at people, seemingly happy. They are trying to get customers to get some sort of tax service, sometimes waving a sign I can't pay attention to because I'm distracted— every time— by that single inexplicable moment of humankind's utter weirdness, in the cold, on a corner, alone.

Humankind needs a raise.

Also deserving a raise:

The AP's Jack Gillum and Stephen Braun. I can't clap emoji this enough:

"The AP tracked Schock's reliance on the aircraft partly through the congressman's penchant for uploading pictures and videos of himself to his Instagram account."

This anonymous source:


Also notable: 
Best selfie ever (for sale):
Best assessment of current state of news media ever:

The worst essay ever.

The Four:

* The Catskill Mountain Railroad Comment Show continues. Today's episode is a repeat from last episode, as are all episodes.
* People want Kingston in 2025 to focus on old Kingston, which will look great when we're all underwater after all the upcoming tropical storms of doom, destruction, desolation and despair.
* If you live in Kingston and got a weird robocall about brown water or something like that, this is why.
* If you live in Catskill, boil your water. And if you found out you needed to boil your water from this space, perhaps you need better sources of information.

One cat: Deserves a raise.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! gives you the links I found interesting the day before or in the morning. You also get four stories trending (that are not depressing) from the Freeman while I was writing this this. AND! You also get a cat and a Google Glass photo. I'm not starting with the Google Glass photo because gifs break the blog rotator in the front page of the Freeman website, which is funny, but not really. I also spent too much time writing that intro.