Monday, January 19, 2015

World War III has not started but winter is still terrible

Previously, on 'Downton Abbey'

There was a time when a news account's Twitter account was hacked and tweeted some terrible news and everyone freaked out for a bit. Nowadays? Meh.

Winter is terrible but you already knew that.

I was going to write something about SUNY New Paltz being in HBO's 'Girls' again because the episode aired on Sunday but I lost power yesterday, which brings you that wonderful photo of Highland Avenue in Kingston above. So all you get is SUNY New Paltz milking it, again. I was going to watch 'Downton Abbey,' anyway. NO SPOILERS!

I imagine it all goes down like this:

There's a cat cafe in New York City because of course there is.

Brooklyn, home of migrating hipsters and now the shigella bacterium outbreak that's creeping up the Hudson Valley just saying. 

Is running old content "a social hack, a handy feature or a trick?" I don't know Mathew LOLOLOL here are some quizzes I've done.

One cat: The aforementioned Mathew Ingram also says the New York Times and Buzzfeed are not that different. That sounds risible but there are actually some very good points there. But, no. I'm not going to explain it because there's a photo of two kittens inside cups with the post and that's all I wanted to bring up. 

One Google Glass photo: You shall not pass, shigella bacterium.

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