Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This post will not go viral

A four-year old Storify about the ~New Brooklyn ~ is going viral again because people keep posting it on Facebook. Astute readers of Yesterday Internet, Today learned on Monday that it was not a recent post. You can brag about that but I wouldn't because that would be weird. Don't be weird.

CNN struck a deal with the FAA about drones and, wait! Does it mean that we're soon going to see drone journalisNO IT DOESN'T.

Good news! You can now send glitter to your enemies. Don't say I don't provide a useful service.

Bad news! You can't curse or buy Snickers in the newsroom at the York Daily Record, a sister pub of the Freeman. Just to make sure I bought a Snickers bar and ate it while cursing. Freedom wins.

One viral cursing cat.

One viral Google Glass photo: How about 290 photos over 6 months?

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is a random experiment in which I throw in a bunch of links I tweeted, faved or saw the day before or in the morning. You also get a cat and a Google Glass photo.