Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The state of the hot takes is garb

Let's get that burn out of the way.

If you watched the State of the Union last night without bingo cards you were doing it wrong.
After all, hot garbage site Gawker said (intelligently!) that the state of the union speeches is garbage. Columbia Journalism Review even asks, "Should journalists care about the State of the Union address?"

Well, it was tweeted, reddittedannotated and emoji-ed, and some of those aren't even real words, so there you go.

All I wanted to know was, what was that thing next to orange House Speaker John Boehner?

<!-- NSFW paragraph follows. Just skip it -->

Right out of the oven: Ben Dreyfuss says Obama is out of ducks, with an F, because he read 'The Suble Art of Not Giving a F***."  This is a family newspaperblog and/or newsletter so we can't say 'fucks,' c'mon now.

<!-- NSFW paragraph ends. I told you that you should have skipped it. -->

The Oatmeal has an Exploding Kittens card game on Kickstarter that was funded within 20 minutes. But Mr. Oats doesn't really need Kickstater. He once sent a troll lawyer a photo of money he had raised spelling 'FU.' I already met my four-letter-words quota so you're left to decipher that.

Anyway, that card game prompted this winning CNN lede: "It's like UNO, except there are goats, magical enchiladas and kittens that can kill you." Yep. Just like UNO.

All this needs bacon, obviously:

Facebook says it's taking out the hoax garb showing up on Facebook. Sure thing, brah.

One hot cat: Exploding Kittens, obvs.

One hot Google Glass photo:

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