Friday, December 12, 2014

Yesterday's Internet, today!

Happy Friday!
Not you, Greenpeace, you suck. 
Welcome to 'Yesterday's Internet,' a new and probably soon to be discontinued feature in which I pass on to you the links I ran into yesterday on the twitters and try to string them together like the Downtown Kingston lights seen above. 
Can this be done coherently? Of course not! But this is the Internets, so:

This week's in OOPS!

TODAY'S JOURNO'S JAERB: The Center for Investigative Reporting is seeking a community manager with, "A strong opinion on the pronunciation of “GIF." 

It's pronounced "GIF," obvs.

The Daily Freeman's 2014 Holiday Lights tour is out and there's a cat and other Easter Eggs and if you're too lazy to look it here it is

That wasn't that hard to follow, now, was it? 
Whatevs! MOLOTOV, everyone!