Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Randomness in internets

"New York Mag’s Boy Genius Investor Made It All Up"  and New York mag is sorry on its front page so props for that, at least. If you hadn't heard about any of this, you're doing it right.

The lesson? Americans are apparently OK with torture. 
Of others.

You know what can be torturous sometimes?: Online comments.

But let's just put this out there: If a news site tells you they care about your comments and then they close comments, they don't care about your comments.

I care about your comments. Except for this comment. This comment is garb (Comments on this blog are un-moderated, btw, and you haven't abused it yet so high-five all around).

Talking about garbage, there's a lot of garb data, Jacob Harris reminds us not in 40 charts.

Randomness in publishing: 
Factoid: Chris Hughes is the owner of The New Republic and has a home in Shokan. So this is local news, fwiw:
What would happened if there were to be a magazine about one magazine's implosion?


That would be a terrible publication.

A great publication would be The Racket. So of course it doesn't exist.

Randomness in gif:
The other day I sent an old gif to a stranger.
You can have it too:

Randomness in winter

There's a new 'Game of Thrones' teaser trailer but I can't seem to get it. Maybe you can.

Winter is coming, indeed. To the Hudson Valley. In quiz format.

Randomness in Twitter cat:

Randomness in Google Glass photo:

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is a quasi-feature in which I throw in a bunch of links I tweeted, fave or saw the day before or in the morning. I have an ifttt recipe that puts all the links on a spreadsheet to make this easier and that's the reason I'm writing these: To see if I can eventually make sense of what I push out on a daily basis.