Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Let it drone

Are you getting a drone for Christmas? The FAA wants you to "fly for fun!" Are you a journalist getting a drone for Christmas? PUT THAT DOWN, YOU!

Also, fixed it for you:

Are you a Kingston resident who received a scary sounding robocall from the mayor of the city on Friday? If you didn't jump off your window screaming, you might want to know it was about this.

If I get around to it, I'll autotune it. We've been there before.

HAHAHA not funny.

Jay Rosen, who was (is?) an adviser for the Freeman's parent company, says if you're a journalist and you don't understand your biz, you should quit. Nick Denton says Jay Rosen is cray.  Nick Denton runs Gawker, kind of. This is why I need a drone with lasers.

By which I mean, so you can fly above and escape the maddening plumes of opiate smoke that turn journalists into giggling maniacs:

UPDATE: Thankfully, journo twitter dad Steve Buttry has a thoughtful post about this (the Rosen-Denton thing, not the stoned journo) so now I look bad for being silly. THANKS, OBAMA!

One Internet cat: Catbot 3000 is a Twitter bot that combines headlines with cats. It was baked with love by Patrick Hogan after an errant tweet by a crazy Peruvian life editor who lives in Kingston and whose names escapes me.

One Google Glass picture: Downtown Kingston.

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