Thursday, August 29, 2013

Now you can (almost) post gifs to Facebook

The cool kids at giphy just had a post this morning that almost made me very happy.
The claim is that you can now post animated gifs on Facebook.
The cool kids at NowThis News got very excited.

The uncool kid in me forces me to say this: Not quite.

Although you can post a giphy link and play the gif on Facebook (like playing a Youtube video), it's not like posting a gif directly, like you can on Google Plus or Tumblr (OHAI News Cat Gifs!)

I admit, it is still pretty cool (and less intrusive, I'd imagine).

And then I remembered something cooler. You can MAKE your own gif with the gifboom app (WARNING: Contains teenagers) from your phone and share it on Facebook. And the result will be the same:

Not crazy about Gifboom? You can do the same with Cinemagram, and pretty much anything else.

And yes, you can embed Facebook posts. That's soooo yesterday.