Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Wolf calls Radio Woodstock listeners 'Hippie Hypocrites'

The Wolf is not happy.

After leaving his short tenure at radio station WDST-FM, disc jockey Bob 'The Wolf' Wohlfeld blamed the station's listeners for not giving him a chance, calling them "Hippie Hypocrites."

"Both the management at WDST and I knew it would require some adjustments to make me work with the station. I feel I was judged not by the station management they were great but by listeners who judged me on what I did 14 years ago at PDH and not my two weeks on DST. Hippie Hypocrites who did not give the show a chance but blasted me for who they thought I was 14 years before."
Happier times? Bob Wohlfeld at WDST-FM in Woodstock in early January.
The remarks were given to reporter Paula Mitchell when I had asked her to get a statement from him on Friday. Paula had written a nice feature about the show, which unfortunately ran in print the day after the show was canceled and Wohlfeld left the station.

Yes, the awkward and short tenure of disc jockey Wohlfeld's show, "Walkin' Up With The Wolf," at Radio Woodstock, was made more awkward (for me, anyway) because the Freeman had a feature in print of a show that no longer existed, which is also the reason I'm injecting myself into this (and this is my blog, anyway, so there).

Here's what happened.

Wohlfeld started the show on Jan. 7. We had a small item about it, planning to develop a bigger story considering the unusual pairing of the outspoken disc jockey and the laid back station. The story was ready to run on Jan. 11, but I decided to push it a week because of scheduling reasons (basically, we have two special sections this month that we also have to work on and blah blah I'm busy go away).

So I decided the feature should run on Jan. 18, thinking that by then the show should be well established and rainbows and unicorns.

Boy, was I wrong (about the show, anyway).

On Jan. 17, both Wohlfeld and WDST announced they were parting ways amicably, less than two weeks after the show had started. However, when those announcements were made, the print version of the Freeman was already produced. So we nixed that story online, and planned to post what had happened. I wrote a quick post about it on Friday, and didn't get a chance to follow up until now.  We knew that while public pronouncements were all nice, there was private musings (and public listener posts on Facebook and our site) that painted a larger picture.

Basically, listeners were not happy with The Wolf.

"Not happy" is, obviously, an understatement.

Now, The Wolf is a known commodity. And so is the station.  But the station's listeners didn't like them together. And Wohlfeld didn't like that he didn't have a chance to prove himself (while probably burning a bridge, but whatevs).

I'll let the Wolf's quote stand on its own, because hippies and stuff.

A programming note, WDST's program director Jimmy Buff updates on the station's current schedule:

FYI: I'm doing mornings now. (Greg) Gattine will stay in afternoons. Carmel (Holt) will do midday's and Justin  will handle evenings.