Wednesday, January 2, 2013

News Cat Gifs! update


Are you planning to keep posting news cat gifs?
Yes, as long as there is an appetite for them.

Do you check or post News Cat Gifs at work?

Yes. But I also work insane hours so it's a wash. It only takes a minute or so to post, anyway.

Does your boss know you're behind it?
Yes, and pretty much from the beginning (running around in glee saying, "You've gotta check this out, BWAHAHAHA!" didn't help).

Can I submit to News Cat Gifs?

Do you make any money from them?
No, and I'm not planning to. The gifs, except for a handful, are not my creation.

Other questions have not been asked frequently, but if you have any, just ask.


Numbers (from StatCounter):
                 Page Loads     Unique Visits     First Time Visits     Returning Visits
Total         721,627           302,246             227,062                   75,184
Average     3,901               1,634                 1,227                        406

Tumblr crushers:

Provided by tumble stats.

* There were 19 visits today that lasted more than an hour, not uncommon for first-time visitors.

* Some of today's newsrooms (IP addresses) visits included Los Angeles, Calif., Newspaper Group; The Springfield, Mo., News Leader; The Roanoke, Va., Times; Congressional Quarterly in Washington, D.C.; Selma, Ala., Newspapers; American City Business Journal in North Carolina; U.S. News & World Report in Washington and many others. You know who you are.

* On that thought: Hello to the Department of Labor in Maryland!

* Although most of the traffic is from the U.S. there are occasional spikes and steady traffic from Canada and Europe, especially in France, the U.K, and Germany. There are also sporadic bursts in traffic from Latin America. 

* Though I "outed" myself some two weeks after the blog went viral for a bit, people are still surprised when they identify me as the Tumblr's author. That's always fun.

* There are virtually no entries through keyword searches. Discovery is almost exclusively social.

* Twitter's DFNewsCat has been around longer than News Cat Gifs, though it's the account tied to the Tumblr. 
* My cat is in one Oct. 5 post (I made the gif with the Gifboom app)

* A large number of them have been posted on Pinterest, even though Pinterest doesn't support gifs.
DFNewsCat's avatar

* The worst day of NewsCatGifs! would constitute one of the best days of this blog. (Incidentally, the July post on this blog about NewsCatGifs! was the most read of the year, for two consecutive days. The following most-read post was a news-related item, thankfully). 

* NewsCatGifs also aggregates into Rebelmouse.

*  The Newsroom/cat video is not made of gifs but of Youtube videos that were made into popular gifs:

A better opening to 'The Newsroom' from News Cat on Vimeo.

* There have been 369 posts since July 2, 2012. It has 3,485 followers as of Jan. 2, 2013.

* The most popular posts to date are:

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In conclusion: