Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kingston Pike Plan's, uh, plan for the week

Kingston alderman smartypants Tom Hoffay posted this tweet today:

Follow the Pike Plan as the work progresses...City website, then links...click on Pike Plan..less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

The thing is, if you do just that, you won't find the link. So I gave Hoffay some Twitter grief and he coughed up the link, where the schedule for renovations will be (hopefully) updated. Points to the city for doing this, no points for making it impossible to find on the city's website.

So, as a favor, here's the schedule:

Work Period:  7/18 to 7/122
  • Weather permitting, primer and patch bare wood surfaces throughout project site
  • Finalization of bluestone replacement area on North Front Street
  • Continued header repairs, where necessary
  • Roof framing between locations 17 and 28 (301 to 335 Wall Street); time permitting move roof framing work toward location 35 (58 North Front Street)
  • Continued installation of standing seam metal roofs between locations 17 and 28 (301 to 335 Wall Street)
  • Continued installation of electrical components between locations 1 and 16 (334 to 300 Wall Street)
  • Installation of bluestone curb along North Front Street between locations 17 and 35
  • Continued demolition of existing ceiling and placement of new beadboard ceiling under the canopy between locations 1 and 16 (334 to 300 Wall Street)
  • Skylights shipped from factory on 7/18
  • Asbestos abatement with full-time air monitoring and inspection resumed on 7/18 between 335 Wall Street and 59 North Front Street (locations 28 to 35)