Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wacky labels finalists are here

Finalists fro the 14th annual Wacky Warning Labels Contest have been selected. The three national winners will be chosen in mid-June. This year's finalist truly are some gems.

They are:

* “For gun only, not a functional day planner” - a label on an advertisement for a leather handgun holder designed to look like a daily planner.
* “Does not supply oxygen” - a label on a common dust mask.
* “Warning: Avoid Drowning. Remove safety cover from spa when in use” - a label on an outdoor hot tub cover.
* “Warning: The action depicted in this brochure is potentially dangerous. The riders seen are experienced experts or professionals” - a bicycle brochure with pictures of small children riding their bikes.
* “Warning: Pen caps can obstruct breathing. Keep out of mouth” - instructions that come with a ballpoint pen.

Some classics:

“Remove child before folding” – on a baby stroller.
“Never operate your speakerphone while driving” – on a hands-free cell phone product called the “Drive ‘N’ Talk”! (2010 Contest Winner)
“Not for use on moving vehicles” – the warning on the “Off-Road Commode,” a portable toilet seat that attaches to a trailer hitch.
“Danger: Avoid Death” – a warning on a small tractor.