Sunday, February 13, 2011

Do you manscape? Inquiring minds want to know - for an app

That's the question that area author Martha Frankel wants you to answer. Why? Because she is working on an app for that.
An app?
* Yes. Don't ask me.
* Why not?
What's manscaping?
* Google it.

Anyway, Frankel writes:

I've been approached to do an app about manscaping. I want to know what men want (in the app!). Do they want to be able to take pics and then see what that area would look like w/out hair? would they like it to be instructional or more light hearted? Do they want to know what women think? Do they want photos of other guys, or does that make them uncomfortable? Would they like to see how it's done-- ie waxing, shaving, trimming, etc?
What say you?