Friday, September 10, 2010

Go to 'Don't Go in the Woods' near the woods, with Vincent D'Onofrio

"Don't Go in the Woods" directed by Vincent D'Onofrio, and "Bitter Feast," directed by Joe Maggio and produced by Larry Fessenden, will be screened simultaneously at the Emerson Resort & Spa on Route 28, Mount Tremper, on Oct 1. at 8 p.m., as part of a collaboration between the resort and the Woodstock Film Festival.

The event will be preceeded by a feast and will be followed by a gala filmmakers' party.

"Don't Go in the Woods" is the directorial debut of actor D'Onofrio, best known for his roles in "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," "Full Metal Jacket," (memorable line: "I am in a world of sh*t") "Men In Black" and "The Cell." Musical score by singer-songwriter and producer Sam Bisbee will be shown, appropriately, at the edge of the woods - in the Emerson's outdoor Catamount Pavilion.

The Emerson Great Room will host the macabre cinema of "Bitter Feast", directed by Maggio ("Paper Covers Rock," "Milk and Honey," "Virgil Bliss") and produced by indie horror guru (and long-time Boiceville resident) Larry Fessenden.

D'Onofrio, Bisbee, Maggio and Fessenden will be in attendance for a question-and-answer session after their films. The Q&A for "Don't Go in the Woods" will also include a performance by the band featured in the film.

Woodstock resident Mary Giuliani will create a sumptuous, pre-screening banquet for "Bitter Feast" ticket-holders. She is working closely with chef Mario Batali, who makes a cameo appearance in the film, to create a Batali-inspired menu.

The Woodstock Film Festival describes the films:

Synopsis: DON'T GO IN THE WOODS – described as "Glee" meets "The Blair Witch Project" – is a slasher/musical which cleverly walks an unusual line: always maintaining a sinister and creeping sense of dread, with characters bursting into song at the oddest of times. An indie rock band of five young men heads into the woods for a weekend of creative inspiration away from modern distractions. New songs are sung and written, but female groupies crash the creative jam session, causing distraction. In traditional slasher movie style, characters begin disappearing. The film oozes with thrills and a dark sense of humor, complemented by a solid rock soundtrack. This offbeat horror film explores the lengths that people will go to in order to make their dreams come true, and marks the directorial debut of actor Vincent D'Onofrio.

Synopsis: BITTER FEAST renowned chef Peter Gray, played smartly by James LeGros, is having an awful day. His celebrity cooking show is sinking fast in the ratings and his posh New York City restaurant Feast has once again received a nasty review from online food critic JT Franks (Joshua Leonard), leaving Gray frazzled, frustrated and fired. Gray seeks retribution by kidnapping the critic who has tormented him for so long. What follows in Joe Maggio's revenge thriller is a delightfully crafted tale of intrigue, torture and culinary delight. The film features a cameo by celebrity chef Mario Batali. Hudson Valley resident Larry Fessenden (Glass Eye Pix) produced and co-stars in a film that is sure to be a banquet not just for your eyes and ears, but your taste buds as well. Bon Appetit. Other fright films featuring Glass Eye Pix personnel at the 2010 Film Festival include Stake Land, and the shorts Off Season and Horror at Glen Atty.

Tickets are available online and at the Woodstock Film Festival Box Office, 13 Rock City Road, Woodstock.  Call (845) 810-0131 for more information.


The 11th Woodstock Film Festival runs Sept. 29 through Sunday Oct. 3, and will feature more than 150  films, panels, events and parties in Woodstock, Rhinebeck, Rosendale and Kingston.