Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gigi's sets the record straight

Dear Ivan,

One would expect, at least hope, that your community news coverage be accurate and well meaning. To that end, I insist, on behalf of Laura Pensiero of GiGi Hudson Valley, that your facts be corrected to reflect the truth.

When Laura was asked if Gigi was doing the rehearsal dinner, or catering the (Chelsea Clinton) wedding, her exact quote was: “Absolutely not.”

Her other comment "How did you find out" related to another question entirely. It seems that the news starved media cobbled these disparate comments into some “story” … not Laura. She upheld her discretion and honesty.

Kindly show us all that you do too,

Thank you,

Burnell Shively
PR, Media & Marketing Liaison
GiGi Hudson Valley

What the New York Daily News wrote:

Chef Laura Pensiero, whose GiGi Trattoria opened nine years ago in Rhinebeck, is one of the caterers for the high-profile affair.

Her restaurant uses fresh ingredients from local farms, and specializes in homemade pastas, healthy Mediterranean fare and vegetarian dishes.

The food is mouth-watering, but the chef was close-mouthed.

"I can't talk about it," Pensiero told the Daily News yesterday. "How did you find out?"

What I wrote:

Answer: The Daily News found out when Pensiero said "How did you find out?"

This mean-spirited, news-starved journalist stands corrected. Good luck getting the Daily News to correct its record, though.

I'm also told by the real Freeman reporters who covered this story that Pensiero offered no comment to us. And it should be noted that none of the Freeman's stories stated that Gigi was catering the event.

And now the question that lingers is "What did the Daily News asked that promped the "How did you find out?" response?