Saturday, July 17, 2010

UPDATE: Nobody is coming to Chelsea Clinton wedding, report says

Emily Miller of Human Affairs - Leading Conservative Media Since 1944! - reports on the issue of most importance for conservatives - the reported wedding of Chelsea Clinton in Rhinebeck on July 31.

Miller points out that all the reports about the star-studded guest list originated from the Hudson Valley News (where have I heard that?). Furthermore:

HUMAN EVENTS called the published guest list and discovered that none of these luminaries is attending, and, many were not even invited to the wedding.

This raises an important question: How do you call a published guest list?

The Hudson Valley News used unnamed sources to publish its list. So Human Events proceeds to debunk the report, with unnamed sources, to establish that two celebrities, Oprah Winfrey and Ted Turner, are not coming. And the other "Powerful Democrats"? They either didn't respond or didn't get back to the reporter. So, in conclusion, Human Events doesn't know how to write headlines, or count (two equals "none"?), or the difference between Democrats and celebrities. (I'm not blaming Miller. Reporters don't write headlines. If she did, that's why reporters don't write headlines). I used the same logic to write my headline.

Also, an anonymous source debunks an anonymous source. Anonymous source wins.

Extra!: Gawker's Maureen O'Connor "reports" that, "Everything you heard about the location might be a lie." O'Connor uses a Wall Street Journal story, which I also used previously in a different context, to reach that conclusion.

But that story partially reports (with names!):

Earlier this week, a local (Wappingers Falls) helicopter company, Associated Aircraft Group, inquired about the availability during the weekend of July 31 of the helipad located at Rhinebeck's Dutchess County Fair, according to fairground general manager Bob Grems. The helicopter company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, and "Sikorskys helicopters are used for Marine One, the Presidential helicopter," according to the company's website. The inquiry "was clearly in the context of the wedding," Mr. Grems said. Associated's director of sales and marketing, Carolyn Marino, declined to comment.

In conclusion: Is it August already?