Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life imitates column that was not meant to be imitated by life

Yours truly, today:

• The media doesn’t know anything concrete about the wedding.
• The media will report that they don’t know anything concrete about the wedding.

USA Today's front page story, today:

We don't know for certain who's coming (but probably not President Obama, and not Oprah), nor precisely how many (400 to 500 seems to be the most popular guess). We don't know about the dress (maybe Vera Wang, maybe Oscar de la Renta, according to various media reports), we don't know about the décor (air-conditioned tents already are up) or the menu or the music. Is the rehearsal dinner in a stone barn at a local estate, Grasmere, or at the nearby mansion of Clinton supporters Toni and Martin Sosnoff?
We don't even know who is officiating and whether the ceremony will be Jewish (he's Jewish) or Methodist-Baptist (Chelsea's parents) or some combination.

We don't know anything. Read all about it.

Also, National Public Radio called as I was writing this to talk about how nobody knows anything, or something like that. It's a haze now. so as always, I blame Obamacare.