Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Men's Health is NOT a myth

Because it is, indeed, a magazine, I'm told by almost-offended editor of Men's Health, Peter Moore, who was wondering, without bias, in all caps, "WHY NO FURTHER MENTION OF THIS GREAT MAGAZINE?"

But why would I write about Men's Health in a column that has "Men's Health" in the headline?

The magazine, by the way, is responsible for gems like "9 Deodorizers to Eliminate Your Worst Smells," and "7 Reasons to End a Friendship."

Reason No. 8? You caught your friend reading Men's Health's "9 Deodorizers to Eliminate Your Worst Smells."

Anyway, since men are dying younger than women, here's Men Health's "11 Ways to Live Longer."

I sense that the magazine needs more lists.