Thursday, April 22, 2010

Author's 'sexy' Freeman link restored on Facebook

West Shokan author Martha Frankel informed me that Facebook "disabled the link to the story you guys did on me in today's freeman--- it said that some facebook users found it offensive!"

"Brazilians, local author redefine sexy" is a BOOK story, mind you, about female empowerment.

So what happened?

Was it the picture?

The word "sexy"?

The fact that we put "video" with the story? (video of the interview, you perv!)

The very fact that Facebook is censoring items without checking them is troublesome, because it could potentially mean that if I don't like you, I could complain and ban your ugly face from posting Mob Wars accomplishments on my News Feed.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. So, Martha, link to this post, and people will get your story.

And Facebook, ST(expletive)U.

UPDATE: Frankel, "Figured a way around the uptight facebook censors." She added. "Buck them." But she didn't say "buck."

UPDATE 2: Frankel reports (on Facebook): "Phew. Facebook took me off the banned list. They now don't care that I was naked on the cover of my local paper."

Here's some reaction of the episode, via Facebook: