Saturday, March 27, 2010

Area notables go for the Google

UPDATE: Kingston Digital Corridor, in partnership with Ulster County and multiple other organizations, applied for Google Fiber for Communities on Friday.

The pitch features Ulster County Executive Michael Hein; Kingston Mayor James Sottile; Ulster County Development Corp. President Lance Matteson; Paul Rakov (who said he doesn't follow me of Twitter for some reason) marketing director of the agency; John Glusko, director of government affairs and economic development for Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp; March Gallagher, deputy director of economic development of Ulster County; Richard Frumess of R&H ("A&F???") Handmade Paints in Kingston (you've got to hear him speak); and several members of the corridor, who like to curse at the end of videos.

No sh*t!. Here it is:

The winner will be announced at the end of the year. "We've seen cities renamethemselves, great YouTube videos, public rallies and hundreds of grassroots Facebook groups," Google said today.

Here's a map of other participating communities, which is more than 600, Google announced today: