Thursday, February 11, 2010

Facebook "like" FAIL!

You may wonder why there is a dude named Ivan Lajara who "likes" this.
I didn't (and I don't).

I was showing a certain city editor who shall remain nameless how weird it was that somebody "liked" such news.

I was using my phone. He clicked on it, smiled and gave me the phone back.

At any rate, "like" FAIL!

By the way, my whole point was going to be that Facebook should have a "dislike" button.

But maybe people do like these kinds of things. Check out the last comment.

Fail, indeed.

For more Facebook! Fail shenanigans, check out, your ultimate source for horrible Facebook snafus.

Like this:

Funny Facebook Fails

Oh, I forgot, the site is NSFW*

NSFW = Not safe for work.

Warning FAIL!