Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blondie finishes album; O'Reilly muses

Blondie recently finished recording its upcoming album in Woodstock, your friends at the Woodstock Film Festival announced today. The album is set for release next year.

It will feature originals, a few covers and guest musicians.

Blondie performs the holiday classic, "We Three Kings" which you can download for free.

From your friends at the Woodstock Film Festival:

The video (shot in Woodstock) somehow stirred up controversy when Fox News featured a clip on Bill O'Reilly's "Pinheads and Patriots."

"I mean damn! We even mentioned The Deity hisself in the song (as written)," emailed Blondie co-founder Crhis Stein. "Anyway thnx Fox. All i can say is "we accept you gabba gabba etc etc."

Not sure how singing a standard Christmas song can be unpatriotic but ironically, the Fox News segment also singled out Bob Dylan's "Christmas in the Heart," which features a cover of "Must Be Santa."

"This is the song my father wrote 50 years ago," emailed Woodstock's own Tim Moore. "Dylan picked it up and turned it into a madcap, loopy polka and party video."

The song can be downloaded on iTunes. Dylan's royalties go to charity.