Friday, May 29, 2009

The Supersuckers

The dudes at The Basement at 744 Broadway in Kingston somehow landed the dudes from the Supersuckers for a show tonight.

Don't know about them?

Here's what others have to say about them, according to their site:

"If you don’t like the Supersuckers, you don’t like Rock-N-Roll."
-Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead

"They played my birthday party. They rock!"
-Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam

"Every time I hear the word ‘Supersucker,’ I’m reminded of an older gentleman who went into the strip bar and the hooker c’m dancing up to him and said ‘Superp*ssy!’ and he said ‘Soup, please.’"
-Willie Nelson

"Supersuckers…I love the Supersuckers, our whole band loves you guys!"
-Robin Zander from Cheap Trick

"The Supersuckers understand that great rock and great country are, at least on a spiritual level, exactly the same thing. Rock on, boys."
-Steve Earle

"The Supersuckers rock ferociously whenever they feel like it and what really matters is ending this sentence with an exclamation point!"
-Little Steven Van Zandt, E Street Band, Little Steven’s Underground Garage

"Supersuckers... Everyone knows the Supersuckers"
-Elijah Wood (SXSW 2008)

"The Supersuckers are hands down one of the best rock n roll bands around today!"
-Reverend Horton Heat