Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tommy Tutone is angry

According to the Wall Street Journal, Tommy Tutone, the creator of "867-5309/Jenny" is not to happy with 1998 Kingston High School grad Spencer Potter.

“If it wasn’t for me, the number wouldn’t be worth anything,” Tutone told the Journal's Carl Bialik. “I think he needs to talk to me. He’s dealing in something that I made famous, and trademarked. It’s not a real number. My number is the real number.”

Tutone put his own auction for the number on eBay, starting at $20,000.

The eBay post says, "Tommy will create a voice message for the new owner and 'sing' the name of your choice along with 'Hi This is Tommy Tutone you have reached 867-5309 and then your company’s message.'"

Tutone will not create anything. The auction expired today. There were no bids.

Another auction that expired today was for the domain name www.spencerpotter.com, which was not put on eBay by Potter. The auction closed Tuesday at $2,475.