Monday, February 23, 2009

Jimmy Fallon talks to local press

And the local press is us!

The 1992 Saugerties High School grad talked to the Freeman's Bonnie Langston on Monday, and he even made reference in one of his Twitter posts, above.Font size
But you'll have to wait until Tuesday to read about that.

I'm mean like that.

UPDATE: OK. So it's Tuesday. The story is up.

TANGENT: Twitter stalker Owen Thomas of the gossip site Gawker didn't like Fallon's post where he "schmoozed the Twitter-loving press" as he "uttered Twitter gibberish." (like Owen's use of "Twitteronia" and "Twitteratti"). I sort-of understand the anger. Twitter would be a horrible beat to cover.

LOCAL TANGENT: New Paltz-based band Ratboy might like the Freeman's story.

BONUS: In this clip from Monday, Fallon shows off some of "the coolest kids, out there, working for free, while I reap all the credit."