Monday, January 12, 2009

Annoying post

At the risk of coming off as an annoying blogger, I'm going to annoyingly complain about things on this blog - as a "journalist."

Here are the things that are annoying, on this Monday, Jan. 11, 2009.

* Monday, Jan. 11, 2009;

* $3 coffee;

* $3 coffee on my lap;

* Six stray cats in front of my house that like to pee on my porch and make me spill coffee;

* One indoor cat in said house who likes to get back at the outside cats by peeing on the entrance of the house.

* Annoying bloggers;

* Newspapers that advertise Golden Globe Awards coverage on their front pages and only have partial coverage, and then send readers online for "full coverage."

As in, "Pay to get half the story. Or don't, and get the whole thing for free!" Nice business model.

(The Freeman was the only daily in the mid-Hudson Valley with full Globes coverage, which wasn't that hard to do, since it was a wire story);

* Annoying and infrequently bloggers with cat pee on their porch and coffee on their lap who complain about newspapers.

* Award shows.


What are yours?

But, most importantly:

Do you know how to scare six cats away from a front porch?