Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Lights 2.0

Dozens upon dozens of photos were taken by copy editor Jen Sexton and yours truly for the Freeman's Holiday Lights tour, which taught me one thing.

I should stick to writing.

For starters, most of them were dark, blurry or both.
Secondly, I numbered some of them wrong, which led to a mistake in the print version of the tour.

On Sunday's edition, the home of Dawn Gibbs in Pine Street in the city was misidentified in a photo, which showed the home of Ron and Tab Ledoux.

Needless to say, I heard from both families the next day.

The interactive map, hence, has been updated to show the correct information.

Here's what's new:

Also, I've got a call on Monday from a reader wondering what's the best time to do the tour. I think around 6 p.m., when most people are home from work and turn their lights on, is an ideal time.

Given the road conditions, however, you might want to skip some part of the map, which is unfortunate, but necessary for your survival.

If you hit "Terrain" on the map on top right, you'll see what I mean.

Downtown Kingston can be a treacherous drive, given the steep hills and narrow roads. I would skip Wilbur Avenue - which is easy to drive down but nearly impossible to turn back up on West O'Reilly Street - and skip the Rondout, the Ponckhockie District and First, Second and Third avenues, which put together are as wide as a noodle.

Drive safely.