Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New Yorker

By now you probably have seen the Barry Blitt cover of The New Yorker, the magazine known for its sophisticated cartoons and its sophisticated articles.

By "sophisticated," of course, I mean "incomprehensible." (The New Yorker's motto? "I don't get it. Get it?")

So while everyone debates the important issues like who's more offended by the cover or who would pay $4.50 a week for a magazine, here's some useful stuff for those who can see past satire:

* Here's Ryan Lizza's article about Barack Obama, "Making it," published in the outrageous magazine nobody bothered to open.

* National Public Radio's Terry Gross talked to Lizza on "Fresh Air" Monday.

* Here's magazine's cartoonist Liza Donnelly of Milan, who told the Freeman's Bonnie Langston at the end of 2005 that her "stuff is pretty gettable."