Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hummer factoids

* Today's column, "Hummer the green solution to gas prices" was inspired by a very large H2 white Hummer limousine parked on Route 9W, in the lot of Adriano Limousine.

There are 17 other listed limousine companies around, according to SuperPages, a Web site that's not super and it doesn't have any real pages, but maps.

* The Hummer comes in black and metallic grey and other colors that are supposed to appease your inferiority complex, but it doesn't come in green, which would have made the column a lot better. You can "make" your own Hummer on its Web site.

* Talking about The Hummer's Web site, I must say it is really well done, especially if you have a sense of irony. Mostly every photo of the beast is in a place that suffers from the truck's emissions.

* "I like to waste gas and run over children" is an actual sticker.
And a T-shirt.